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Used Edinburgh Trams at long last!

At long last, I’ve used the Edinburgh Trams! It took me so long, since when it opened in May 2014, between Edinburgh Airport and York Place. It went, no where of any use! Well not for me anyway! But now the line has been extended to Newhaven to give me a reason to use them!

Myself at Ocean Terminal tram stop

I can now say, I’ve used the following stops:-

  • West End
  • St Andrew Square
  • The Shore
  • Ocean Terminal

Favourite photos from January 2020

Here are my favourite photos from January 2020… Please do give the photos a comment! 🙂

Walking up the Campsie Fells
Walking up the Campsie Fells
Myself at Edinburgh Waverley railway station
Myself at Edinburgh Waverley railway station
Mind your head!
Mind your head!
O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit
O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit

Check out www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/page/archive/2020-01/ for all my other photos from January 2020.

Edinburgh Haymarket railway station ✅

I can now tick off, Edinburgh Haymarket railway station. Well OK, I’ve done this station, many times over the years! But it’s the first time, I’ve got a single photo!

Edinburgh Haymarket railway station

More photos from this set can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/railway-stations/edinburgh-haymarket/

Falling back in love with train journeys!

Today, I had to use three trains to get from Paisley to Grantham. The first train took me from Paisley Gilmour Street to Glasgow Central. Then, I of course had to walk from Glasgow Central to Glasgow Queen Street.

I could have got the 5:15pm to Edinburgh Waverley, but it was way to busy. So I waited till the 5:30pm ScotRail service, which worked out better, since it was a Class 365, eight-carriage train.

Still can’t believe how much better the Glasgow–Edinburgh via Falkirk line, since the electrification project. Just hope, that next time, I use the line. I get to use one of the Class 385 trains!

Once in Edinburgh, it was time to wait for the 7:36pm service to Grantham. Got to say, that LNER is so better than Virgin Trains! Which is, one of the main reasons I stopped going by train!

Also Adam the train manager was so funny!! He was coming out with things like “the buffet car is located in coach H for hungry” and “If you are still standing and not a fan of Elton John head to coaches E and F”

Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle

Had a great day in Edinburgh with my older bother Douglas. We also went to Edinburgh Castle! No idea, when I last went!

Just so glad, I am a Historic Scotland member, don’t think, I would want to pay £17! Also still think that Stirling Castle, is way better!!!

More Edinburgh photos, can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/scotland/edinburgh/

RIP East Coast Trains 2009 – 2015!

RIP East Coast Trains 2009 – 2015. You were the best railway franchise in the UK. It’s all down hill from now on. Since Virgin have taken over running of the ECML. It will be like National Express all over again!

So from today, the trains will start turning Virgin Red. We’re going to lose the great colour of East Coast Trains. See some photos below!

Tuesday – 23rd June 2009

Today I got up at 6:00am. So that I would have time, to get showed, have some breakfast. Before Alex come around to give us both a lift to train station in Grantham to get the 7:25am National Express East Coast service to Edinburgh Waverley. Oh I guess, I should say why we went to Edinburgh, that’s because we were teaching First Aid Course, for Pizza Hut. The train got us into Edinburgh 11:09am, but the course did not start till 2pm. So we dropped the gear off at the Pizza Hut. Then went for a nice walk around Edinburgh. The weather was great, the best weather I have ever been to Edinburgh in. I think, it at least 24C if not hotter.

So to kill the 3 hours we had before the course started, we went looking for the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Operative. I have got many things from them before, but only on-line. It’s the first time that I have been into their shop. I could not believe how big it was. Oh and thanks to Alex I have made up my mind, what new bike I am going to get for doing the End to End cycle. I am going to get a Marin Muirwoods 29ER ’09. It will need to wait, till I have paid off the car road TAX that is on my credit card.

Once done looking at all the great stuff at the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Operative. It was back out into the sun to walk back to the Pizza Hut, to get some food. Then start the course, the course had just 7 people on it. I am glad it did not have any more. The room we were in, did not have any air-con, it was HOT to say the least!!! Everyone said the course was very good. Only bad comments we got was how hot the room was.

Once the course was done, it was back to the Edinburgh Waverley, to get the 7pm National Express East Coast service back to Grantham. I was so glad when I was back home and in bed.