RIP East Coast Trains 2009 – 2015!

RIP East Coast Trains 2009 – 2015. You were the best railway franchise in the UK. It’s all down hill from now on. Since Virgin have taken over running of the ECML. It will be like National Express all over again!

So from today, the trains will start turning Virgin Red. We’re going to lose the great colour of East Coast Trains. See some photos below!

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  1. Certainly was a great TOC. On the rare occasions I used EC, I found the staff more than helpful on board, particularly so when I was travelling with my bike. Non stop tea was offered on a 1st class trip from Edinburgh to Kings Cross, and must admit to a few glances at the cute blonde trolley attendant. 🙂

    Its early days, but lets see if Virgin can be convinced to keep the good things going.

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