Jul 312018

Today, I had to use three trains to get from Paisley to Grantham. The first train took me from Paisley Gilmour Street to Glasgow Central. Then, I of course had to walk from Glasgow Central to Glasgow Queen Street.

I could have got the 5:15pm to Edinburgh Waverley, but it was way to busy. So I waited till the 5:30pm ScotRail service, which worked out better, since it was a Class 365, eight-carriage train.

Still can’t believe how much better the Glasgow–Edinburgh via Falkirk line, since the electrification project. Just hope, that next time, I use the line. I get to use one of the Class 385 trains!

Once in Edinburgh, it was time to wait for the 7:36pm service to Grantham. Got to say, that LNER is so better than Virgin Trains! Which is, one of the main reasons I stopped going by train!

Also Adam the train manager was so funny!! He was coming out with things like “the buffet car is located in coach H for hungry” and “If you are still standing and not a fan of Elton John head to coaches E and F”

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    I really enjoy train travel, too. Relaxing and scenic. I’m looking into taking a long train trip in the future.

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    Good to hear G. Here’s to many more happy and unique train journeys.

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    Lets thats the first of many

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