Only day two of the ‘lockdown’ and gone mad!

It’s only 2 day of the ‘lockdown’ here in the UK and I am already getting to lose the will to live! For someone like, me who’s just about always outdoors, cycling, walking etc. Being told I can only do one form of outdoor exercise a day, is killing me! With having dog, that means cycling is out of the question. So already getting so worried that my depression will come back. I find the only way, I can keep that under control is exercise and a lot of it! So if this, Coronavirus does not kill me off, the depression could!

Anyway… Sorry it’s not the normal happy Gordon you are all use to! Just needed to tell people! x

7 Replies to “Only day two of the ‘lockdown’ and gone mad!”

  1. Who is going to know you’ve taken more than one walk or bike ride? Not exactly going to send the police round the rural lanes of Lincolnshire to monitor your street specifically! Chin up mate, you’ll get through this!

  2. respect the social distancing and Isolating because it will keep you safe this is a deadly virus NOT flu I,m in Spain and its deadly NOT a joke so don,t listen to idiots

  3. I am unsure were you live but were I live lots of people are still cycling and acting like normal days (I even saw lots of kids playing football earlier today 26/3) plus all supermarkets are still open so not really a lockdown but I understand how staying in can get you depressed becuase of suffer from it to

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