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Only day two of the ‘lockdown’ and gone mad!

It’s only 2 day of the ‘lockdown’ here in the UK and I am already getting to lose the will to live! For someone like, me who’s just about always outdoors, cycling, walking etc. Being told I can only do one form of outdoor exercise a day, is killing me! With having dog, that means cycling is out of the question. So already getting so worried that my depression will come back. I find the only way, I can keep that under control is exercise and a lot of it! So if this, Coronavirus does not kill me off, the depression could!

Anyway… Sorry it’s not the normal happy Gordon you are all use to! Just needed to tell people! x

Yep, I have depression!

Funny that, when people first worked, I had depression, most people checked that, I was OK! That lasted a number of days. Think most people think depression, is like a cold. You just get over it, well you don’t! People telling me, to get over it, cheer up, man up, stop being so gay… Like that helps!

I said to myself, when I put myself on a train like one night after work, i did not want to be in that place again, I am! Don’t worry, not on or anywhere near the train line!

Just wish, I could remember, what is was like to be happy!