Podcast : Episode 112

In this podcast, I am speaking about the fact, that I’ve been single for a whole 10 years!

BTW if you did listen to this podcast, please comment below and let me know!!

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3 Replies to “Podcast : Episode 112”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been single so long.
    Maybe you have over exposure on social media.Sure you’ll meet someone.

  2. Ahh G. I’ve been single for longer. A lot longer. 40 isn’t over the hill!!!! On this subject, trying to put thoughts into words that make sense is bloody hard.

    What do I want from a guy? About the same age, similar interests, good heart and head in the right place, doesn’t mind mad days out but equally doesn’t mind cosy nights in. To describe my ideal guy in way of looks is hard. If he has the above attributes then no harm in seeing where we go!

    And yes G, you’re in there! x

  3. Interesting podcast Gordon! I was single a long time as well. I was very fussy and wanted a forever relationship but sometimes you just have to take a chance with someone. I have been married two years come September and I will be 67 that month!

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