First of all. I would like to say a very big thank-you to everyone who has subscribed to my podcast so far. Going by, the website statistics, that’s a good number of you. I just hope that you can understand what I say in them. Since I, have a very strong Scottish accent. I have also been told, I speak very fast.

So far my podcast has, listeners in, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and the United States. With this list growing all the time. If I have missed your country out. Please let me know!

If you have, still to listen to my podcast’s then, read the rest of the page.

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Here is a list of episodes for downloading:-

  • Episode 113 – Speaking about some of my favourite LGBT+ films of all time.
  • Episode 112 – In this podcast, I am speaking about the fact, that I’ve been single for a whole 10 years!
  • Episode 111 – Just seeing if anyone, still listens to these.
  • Episode 110 – I am speaking about what I have been doing since I did my last podcast way back in December 2011.
  • Episode 109 – I am speaking about what my cycling goals are for next year.
  • Episode 108 – Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Since I know, I will not be doing another podcast this year. Also want to see if anyone it still listening before I record a full one in the New Year.
  • Episode 107 – Speaking what I have been up to since I did my last podcast back in April. So mainly about lots and lots of cycling stuff.
  • Episode 106 – Speaking my new look website, all the cycling I have been up to and about going up to Scotland this week.
  • Episode 105 – Speaking about going to Scotland for Christmas. Some of great things I got from my family. About my bike getting it’s first service also about my facebook fan page.
  • Episode 104 – Just a very short podcast, to let you know I am still in the land of the living.
  • Episode 103 – Speaking about a new position at place of work. Getting a new 32″ widescreen TV. Cycling to work for the first time this year. Work BBQ and going to Scotland.
  • Episode 102 – Speaking about the my new boss at work, that been there for over a month now. Also lots and lots about all the work I have been doing to my End to End cycle website.
  • Episode 101 – Speaking about the going up to Scotland for Christmas, which I have not done in about 4 years. What I did while I was in Scotland. About getting a Freesat+ HD box, about not getting paid monthly and also getting a new boss at work.
  • Episode 100 – Speaking about the new look photo gallery on this website that went live a number of weeks ago, that lets you comment and rate photos. Also about myself planning to go to years near Pride London wearing a wetsuit.
  • Episode 99 – Speaking about getting a new car, which is a Hyundai i10 1.2 Style. Going down to London to see a band called The Mismatch. Also about going to the dog track’s Christmas party.
  • Episode 98 – Speaking about the John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOGLE) cycle, which I did last month.
  • Episode 97 – Speaking about having to say good-bye to my dog Pebbles. Getting dumped by Mike, after 3 years together. The gear box is my car fucked again. Seeing my friends Jaco and Namir. Also about getting a new mobile phone, I got a Nokia E71.
  • Episode 96 – Speaking about lots to do with the End to End cycle, including getting a new bike, about the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium saying they will sponsor us, more about the route. Also speaking about my car, that’s been doing weird things. It’s had a oil change, it’s also been booked into the garage.
  • Episode 95 – Speaking about this website, getting a virus on it. About all the places that I have been working in, since my last podcast. About getting a new printer and also more about the End to End cycle.
  • Episode 94 – In this podcast you hear me chatting live on the Andy Burrows Breakfast Show, which on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. About a group that I setup on facebook to try to save Peterborough’s Broadway Theatre.
  • Episode 93 – First of all in this podcast I say hello to someone called Adam. Then I speak about doing some more first aid courses. Seeing Mesh-29 do a gig in Peterborough. Also about Essex County Council blocking access to this website.
  • Episode 92 – Speaking about where I work getting closed two nights in a row, because of the snow. Helping teach a first aid course. Also about doing Wetsuitlads photos, in the snow.
  • Episode 91 – Speaking about, where I work, going to a 3 night week, till the economic situation improves. Doing some part time work during the day. Going to Glasgow, with my boyfriend Mike. Stuff about the John O’Groats and Lands End, that we’re doing in August.
  • Episode 90 – Speaking about, getting even less than 3 night’s at the dog track. In happier news, also speaking about going with to London with Mike, to spend Christmas, with his family.
  • Episode 89 – Speaking about going to see Russell Howard at the Peterborough Broadway Theatre, with my boyfriend Mike. Also about going to see Mesh-29 on the 4th December.
  • Episode 88 – Speaking about where I work, going to a 3 night week, for the month of January. Having a Hawaiian Night, at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, to raise money for Children in Need.
  • Episode 87 – Speaking about credit card fraud. Going to the National Festival of Railway Modelling, with my boyfriend Mike. Also about a Hawaiian Night, that we’re having at the dog track, for Children in Need.
  • Episode 86 – Speaking about, Virgin Radio, which was my favourite radio station, getting a new owner and getting renamed to Absolute Radio. Also about cycling down the middle of the A1, when it closed one evening, after work.
  • Episode 85 – Speaking about, my car breaking on the way back from work, then walking over 10 miles back home. Getting a GPS for my bike, which cost, just over £300. Also about turning 29, on the 29th September.
  • Episode 84 – Speaking about, going on a holiday to Scotland, with my boyfriend Mike. Trying to cycle from Peterborough to London. Also about our new video blog, that we have started.
  • Episode 83 – Speaking about, my Mum and Dad being down for long weekend. Getting a new digital camera. Taking photos, of a new model for Wetsuitlads. Going to Alton Towers, with Mike and two people from work called Nick and Sam. Going to the seaside for the day.
  • Episode 82 – Speaking about, going for a 58 mile cycle, with Mike to Swavesey and back. Our two year anniversary. Also about another long, cycle to then around Rutland Water.
  • Episode 81 – Speaking about, getting a DAB Digital radio for my car. If you don’t want to hear me, speaking about a Pure Highway DAB radio, then this is not the podcast for you.
  • Episode 80 – Speaking about, going a cycle to Tallington, with one of my friends from Grantham. Booking, tickets to go and see Russell Howard in November. Taken my car to the local garage, to get it’s yearly MOT.
  • Episode 79 – Speaking about, a cycle that Mike and myself are planning. Which will take us, 1000 miles. Between John O’Groats and Lands End.
  • Episode 78 – Speaking about, driving down, to London for the first time, to spend Christmas, with Mike’s family. Bring in the New Year, with Mike, Jaco and Namir. About my works Christmas party. And getting a new wetsuit.
  • Episode 77 – Speaking about, what’s coming up in my next podcast. About getting stopped about the police. Plus speaking about my new look website.
  • Episode 76 – Speaking about how happy, I am, that Glasgow WON the 2014 Commonwealth games bid.
  • Episode 75 – Speaking about going down to London, with Mike. National Express East Coast, taken over the East Coast mainline from GNER. Seeing a local band called Midwezt. Stuff about work. Also boyfriends birthday and some other stuff.
  • Episode 74 – Speaking about going to see Mesh-29, play at the Radius, in Peterborough. About Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth games bid, why the BBC as pissed me off. Also speak about my webcam, yet again.
  • Episode 73 – Speaking about my boyfriend Mike, getting a new job working at Marks & Spencer. Myself getting made a bar supervisor at work. And about my webcam being on-line again.
  • Episode 72 – Answering some questions, that a listener called Roy from the US sent me. More stuff that I have done, to my new room. Also about my first time, going up in a hot air balloon.
  • Episode 71 – Speaking about my car exhaust getting a hole in it. Spending a day on the Nene Valley Railway. Getting lots of new stuff for my model train set. Moving into a bigger room, with a double bed. Going to Nottingham and Ikea. Also about turning 28.
  • Episode 70 – Speaking about meeting up with a friend called Lubor, who was over from the Czech Republic. Things that we got up to include, going to Cambridge, London, doing double set photos of Wetsuitlads and much more. Also speaking about going down, to see Mike’s Mum and sisters, in London.
  • Episode 69 – Going to see Mesh-29 again. Going a 36 mile cycle with my boyfriend Mike to Huntingdon. About Mesh-29 getting to number 35 on the official UK Top 40 chart. And having a fun day out at the seaside.
  • Episode 68 – Doing another plug for Mesh-29, who’s first single is out today, which is called ‘Over the Barricade’. I play a clip from the Janice Long show on BBC Radio 2. Because she read out, an email, that I sent in about Mesh-29. Plus speaking about the bomb attacks in London and my home City of Glasgow.
  • Episode 67 – I am speaking about the new law that comes in tomorrow (1st July). Which will ban smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces in England. Going with Mike to see Mesh-29, play live at The Met Lounge.
  • Episode 66 – I am speaking about Tony Blair, last day, of being the UK’s Prime Minister. About my local MP Quentin Davies defecting to the Labour party. Which has some which pissed me off, since, I didn’t and NEVER will vote for the Labour party. Going to see a play called The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. At The Stamford Shakespeare Company. Also speaking about the very bad, weather that we have been having here.
  • Episode 65 – I got Mike to record most of this podcast for me. You hear him, speaking about losing his job. About a local band from Peterborough called Midwezt, who will be playing at the Peterborough beer festival. You even, get to hear him sing in this podcast.
  • Episode 64 – Getting a new PC. Seeing my Mum and Dad, for the first time, since Christmas. All the crap weather we have been having. And booking, to go and see a Shakespeare play at the Rutland Open Air Theatre.
  • Episode 63 – Speaking about going to the Peak District, with my boyfriend Mike and Mark. On the Monday Bank Holiday. Making, the first video, for my Wetsuitlads website. Going to Nottingham, to see Spider Man 3. Also about our, 1st year anniversary. And lots more.
  • Episode 62 – Speaking about more things to do with Mike. This podcast has some better news, on that front. Also something, that pissed my off about my car.
  • Episode 61 – Reading out a Valentine Day card that Mike, got me. Speaking more about us, breaking up. Also about the washing machine, playing up.
  • Episode 60 – I am speaking going to see Mesh -29, play live at The Met Lounge. Mike and me, breaking up. And cycling to work, for the first time, this year.
  • Episode 59 – I am speaking about getting my car MOT renewed. And how little it cost me. It cost just over £150 to get it, all sorted.
  • Episode 58 – Speaking about going to see Mesh-29, in Stamford. Going for a cycle with Mike. Having a born fire in some local woods. Booking my car in for a MOT. And driving a 4×4, and towing for my very first time.
  • Episode 57 – Speaking about buying a digital camcorder. About the first videos, that we made with the digital camcorder. Wishing my Mum a happy birthday. Going to Nene Park, with my boyfriend Mike.
  • Episode 56 – Speaking about a digital camcorder, that I am hoping to get. About a new poll on wetsuits. About my pay at work, not being correct. Getting a new mini oven. About a mobile phone company, that in my eyes is crap.
  • Episode 55 – Speaking about some programs that are on Channel 4, later this month with a gay theme, including “My Big Gay Prom”, “Coming Out to Class and “Mum’s Gone Gay.” Then just saying telling you about my bad cold, Valentine’s Day and going for a cycle and getting a wee bit wet.
  • Episode 54 – Speaking about Spider-Man suit, that Mike got me for Christmas. Taken photos of Mike being Spider-Man. Meeting up with Namir. Getting Windows app’s, to run with Fedora Core 6. Seeing Mesh-29, play live at The Met Lounge. Speaking about Adam from work. My Bosses last night at the dog track.
  • Episode 53 – Speaking about Burning my first CD with Fedora Core. Fedora Core 6 Live CD. Upgrading my network to a gigabit network.
  • Episode 52 – Speaking about getting my hair taken off. Seeing the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. Going to Scotland. My work’s Christmas party. About getting a new laptop and desktop PC.
  • Episode 51 – Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Just given you a quick run down, of what I have been doing since my last podcast.
  • Episode 50 – Speaking about a new Irn-Bru advert, which is their take of The Snowman. And a bit more about work.
  • Episode 49 – Speaking about World AIDS Day. About the smoking ban that kicks in at last on the 1st July. About the wine list changing at work. About breaking my bike light changer. And wishing my boyfriend a happy birthday.
  • Episode 48 – Speaking about the fact that Mike and me have now been going for half an year. Installing a new hard drive in my desktop PC. Installing Fedora Core 6, Helping Mike, to move house. And dressing up as a policeman to to rise money for Children in Need.
  • Episode 47 – Speaking about a funny message on my website’s guest book. About fit guys at my work. Maybe moving in with my boyfriend Mike. Also about going to Scotland, in December.
  • Episode 46 – Speaking about getting my car back. Which cost me, just over £920. Also about a cycle that went a wee bit wrong.
  • Episode 45 – Speaking about my car going back to the garage. Having Wednesday night off work. Getting a new mobile phone. And missing my boyfriend Mike.
  • Episode 44 – Speaking about my 27th birthday. Going to York with my boyfriend Mike. Seeing my friends Jaco and Namir. Watching a gay film called the “Prom Queen” on DVD for the first time. And getting my car serviced.
  • Episode 43 – Wishing my Dad and big brother Douglas a happy birthday. Also speaking about the Scissor Sisters new album Ta-Dah. Going to out for a pizza after work, on Saturday.
  • Episode 42 – Speaking about my car insurance. Getting a new DAB Bug too, digital radio, for my birthday. Also about the Scissor Sisters being on BBC Radio 1, all of yesterday.
  • Episode 41 – Reading out lots of listeners emails. That I, have not done for a while. If you have send me a message. You may be lucky and get to hear me read it out.
  • Episode 40 – Speaking about getting my flat screen monitor back at last. About walking in to Peterborough from Mike’s house. Also more about Adam’s 18th Birthday party, were my BF Mike song It’s Raining Men.
  • Episode 39 – Wishing my brother Craig a happy birthday. My boyfriend Mike, getting a new job. A update with what is happening with my flat screen monitor. Going to for a nice meal in Stamford, with Mike and Namir. And also going to Adam’s 18th birthday next Sunday.
  • Episode 38 – Speaking recoding this podcast, using Linux for the first time. Having a very blond moment. And going to Nottingham on Monday with my boyfriend Mike.
  • Episode 37 – Speaking about the polls results on my website. About my cycling computer dying. Getting and fitting a new one, which you need a degree to fit. Or maybe, I am just no, good at reading manuals.
  • Episode 36 – Telling you about a wee problem, with episode 35 of my podcast. Also about the last ever Top of the Pops and The West Wing. Also my computer cycle has died.
  • Episode 35 – Speaking about what I have been doing in the past week. Including forgetting my PIN code, going to Hunstanton and cycling to work for the fist time this year.
  • Episode 34 – Speaking about a cycle that, went a bit wrong, when my front tyre went flat. And I still had just over 12 miles to cycle back home.
  • Episode 33 – Really just saying sorry for taking so long to record a new podcast. Also speaking about what you can look forward to, in the next podcast.
  • Episode 32 – Speaking about a fun day, at the seaside, with my BF Mike. We had fun, in wetsuits, Mike got a bodyboard. Went a walk around the Sandringham Estate. Then went out for a nice meal, before going back to Mike’s.
  • Episode 31 – Speaking my fun weekend in Scotland with Jaco and Namir. Including going to Falkirk Wheel, Wallace Monument and Loch Lomand.
  • Episode 30 – Speaking about going to Glasgow this week. A local band called mesh-29. Cycling round Rutland Water, with my BF Mike.
  • Episode 29 – Speaking about getting waken up at 10:00am and going to see Mike.
  • Episode 28 – Speaking about my week, which started on Monday. Things to look out for include, crashing my car, getting a 20″ monitor, going on a date. Oh and getting a new sexy BF called Mike.
  • Episode 27 – Saying sorry about the sound quality in my last podcast. A plug for my wetsuitlads podcast. And what I did with my Friday.
  • Episode 26 – Some sad news, the BBC has said that, they are stopping the great kids TV series Byker Grove. It was the first British children’s drama, to have a gay character.
  • Episode 25 – Speaking about closing The Gay Glasgow site down and another fun weekend in the Cambridge area.
  • Episode 24 – Speaking about my new computer chair, doing a cycle in record time and work.
  • Episode 23 – All about my weekend with Jaco and Namir. Including cycling to Cambridge, going Ikea, watching Brokeback mountain and Beautiful thing.
  • Episode 22 – Speaking about my fantastic weekend, that I had down in Cambridge, with Jaco and Namir.
  • Episode 21 – In this podcast, I am speaking about my car’s MOT. And what’s coming in the next episode.
  • Episode 20 – Speaking about letter from my local MP Quentin Davies. Then all about my Sunday. When I meet up with Jaco and Namir. Hear about our day at Stamford, Burghley House and Rutland Water. Oh and fit guy in wetsuit.
  • Episode 19 – Speaking about my white legs, sexy cycling shorts, a fake tan. And also some listeners emails.
  • Episode 18 – orry that, I am so quiet, in this podcast. It ‘s just gone 1:30am and I don’t want to wake everyone up. I am also a bit pissed off. It’s nothing, too much, to worry about. It also looks like, going, by, my, newest poll. I am going to have to sing.
  • Episode 17 – Me trying to speak a bit slower. But I soon get bored of it. And speak fast again. I have also added a new poll, so please vote away.
  • Episode 16 – Speaking about the bird flu case in the UK. More about my poll. A new poll, that is coming soon. And hello to people, that now also listen in Spain.
  • Episode 15 – Thanks to everyone, who has voted in my poll so far. Oh and hello to people in Ireland.
  • Episode 14 – I have just been told that I speak to fast. So vote and tell me if, I do or not.
  • Episode 13 – Speaking about what I got up to last Thursday. Including a long bit about a cycle that went a wee bit wrong.
  • Episode 12 – Just really saying thanks to everyone that have, downloaded my podcasts so far.
  • Episode 11 – Just have to tell you about a well cool band from my village called The Bytham Boys. And also get to hear one of there songs.
  • Episode 10 – If your one of the many people who have asked me to sing on my podcast. It’s never going to happen.
  • Episode 9 – Just speaking about what I did on Tuesday, more about the weather and stuff about work.
  • Episode 8 – The British weather, when is our summer going to start?
  • Episode 7 – At long last I have my new mic.
  • Episode 6 – They have posted my mic and I am using new software to record this podcast.
  • Episode 5 – Just speaking about getting my new mic.
  • Episode 4 – Me going just a bit mad.
  • Episode 3 – This mic is crap. So I am off to get a new one.
  • Episode 2 – Only episode 2 and guess what? I have no idea what to say again.
  • Episode 1 – Sorry that my first podcast, is so short. This is because, I have no idea at all, what to say.

Updated : 19/09/2018