Getting Superfast Fibre Broadband!!

At long last, my village has got Superfast Fibre Broadband! We’re getting it installed on the 8th June!! So can’t wait! Right now, with ADSL we only get speeds of up to 7.5 Mbps. When we get BT Infinity 2, that will jump to anything up to 76 Mbps.

It will also make uploading stuff, much, much faster!! So it will make me, want to film many more new vlogs!!

Here are some photos of our local FTTC cabinet getting installed 🙂

Castle Bytham Exchange, FTTC cabinet 4

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  1. Did you get a new PCP too – given the proximity of the exchange you might have been on an EO line before. The cabinet appears live, why the delay in getting connected – Openreach busy??

    1. No the PCP box, is a very old one. The others ones in the local are new, just not the one we use! I don’t mind the date, we’re been given. Since the due date for getting Superfast Fibre Broadband in my area, was any date between July and December!

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