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So can’t wait till Monday!!

So can’t wait, till Monday when I get Superfast Fibre Broadband installed! The BT Home Hub 5 turned up today, just hope it’s than the BT Home Hub 4. Which always loved to disconnect from the Internet for no reason at all!

Castle Bytham Exchange, FTTC cabinet 4

Getting Superfast Fibre Broadband!!

At long last, my village has got Superfast Fibre Broadband! We’re getting it installed on the 8th June!! So can’t wait! Right now, with ADSL we only get speeds of up to 7.5 Mbps. When we get BT Infinity 2, that will jump to anything up to 76 Mbps.

It will also make uploading stuff, much, much faster!! So it will make me, want to film many more new vlogs!!

Here are some photos of our local FTTC cabinet getting installed 🙂

Castle Bytham Exchange, FTTC cabinet 4

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