Spiderman @ Stainmore Summit

Since I took lots of Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit photos, during the drive to Glasgow on the Sunday. So during the drive back down south. I had to stop and take even more!!

This time, I found a old Second World War Pillbox to use! Which is near highish point of the A66, at Stainmore Summit. Just to show, that I was really at the Stainmore Summit. I also took a photo, next to the sign!!

https://gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2015/dsc09696.jpg.htmlAmazing Spiderman 2 MorphsuitAmazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit
Amazing Spiderman 2 MorphsuitAmazing Spiderman 2 MorphsuitSpiderman @ Stainmore Summit

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    1. Thanks!!! Glad you like!!! I will need to use that location again, the next time I drive up to Glasgow 🙂

  1. 1370 feet? Why would they put an arch on such a tiny “mountain! Also you look great as always, keep up the photos.

    1. It marks, what was the highest point of the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway. Which closed in stages between 1952 and 1962.

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