Don’t get me started on Virgin Trains East Coast!

Many of you, may or not know. That Virgin Trains East Coast (90% owned by Stagecoach, and 10% by Virgin), takes over from East Coast Trains (publicly owned) on 1st March 2015. They have not even started and they’re already off to a very bad start!

They are stopping the current East Coast Rewards club, in favour of a Nectar points scheme. Right now rewards customers spending £255 on train tickets accrue enough points for a free standard single-class ticket. In but in contrast, a £255 spend under the Nectar scheme will only earn enough points to buy a sandwich – with passengers having to spend thousands of pounds before they qualify for free travel.

If you ask them via @askVirginEC why they are doing this. They don’t get back to you!

askVirginEC staff guidance

They keep saying they surveyed around 2,000 East Coast passengers. They say the results demonstrated that Nectar was by far the most popular loyalty scheme amongst those people who took part in the research. But they will not make the results of the survey public or even what questions they asked.

Also I, have not found a single person, they asked!!

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5 Replies to “Don’t get me started on Virgin Trains East Coast!”

  1. hi Gordon its this year it starts 2015 well in fact this sunday, but saying that if its 90% owned by stagecoach why is it using the virgin brand? I would of thought it would of been better calling it stagecoach trains east coast. the mind boggles at times

      1. i think its like that with most brand names I mean virgin don’t own virgin media anymore that’s now owned by an American investment company but back to trains virgin’s past on cross country wasn’t there finest hour before they took the contract the trains were yes old but had about 15 carriages and when virgin took it on yes new trains but they had at max 4 carriages and still do now arriva have it.
        stagecoach own south west trains and they don’t have the logo on but are in stagecoach livery, so I think they need to sort out the identity crisis out before they start on sunday

        1. I think its so people will blame virgin if any thing goes wrong! It would take me quite a time to accrue £255.00 of spend anyway

  2. Oooh Gord – I had such help w/ that railway line – but that was yrs ago now…. o fkk
    Lol – wanna see me as a Stormtrooper? – I look mad – I’m so titchy.

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