Had a good drive to Scotland!

That’s me now up in Scotland. Set off from Little Bytham just after 1:00pm and got to Killearn around 8:30pm. So made it up, just before it got fully dark. Was very good driving weather. Rain stayed off and the roads were dry. Was a bit windy going over the top of the A66, then that’s just about always the case.

Here are some photos from my favorite section of the journey, which is the A66 going over the Pennines.

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  1. Love these photos, especially the 2nd and 4th one! Its the expression in the 2nd one that I love and the bridge I presume is over an old railway line?

    1. Yes it’s a bridge over a old railway line. Think it was called the Eden Valley Railway. The A66 as been build over lots of the old track bed :(.

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