Two of my favourite work lads off to University

Two of my favourite lads at work are leaving to go to University. Ben the one wearing the “Some people are gay. Get over it!” t-shirt leaves tonight. Harry leaves when I am on holiday in Cyprus!

Ben has been working at the dog track for the last two years. Harry only for a number of months. But it feels so much longer. Going to really miss both of them. But they will be back during Christmas time. So it’s not all bad.

Good luck to them both! BTW Ben is not really gay. Just lots of people think he is. So had to get him, that t-shirt as a leaving present :).


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  1. Gord’ – U’r such a fine fella xxx – llove the pix & both the bois the best. Howzabout – Some people r st8 – get over it T shirt? lol.
    Love you’re adventures – and staying in the UK tip.
    was hoping to see you couple o yrs back in P/boro – but things went badly wrong… – will tell you personally..
    Big love

  2. I hope they both have a great Uni experience. It has been decades since I packed up and went off to a few years of study, and I look back upon that time as one of the many bright spots in my life. I am convinced that it made my whole life better (not monetarily, but that is not why I went).

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