Mar 122019

WOW! I’ve been wanting to get this working for so long… At long last, my photo gallery now shows the latest 16 photos along the top!

All it took, was for me to do some PHP editing! 🙂

Nov 112018

That’s the photo gallery now showing photo locations, again!! It use to work, till Google Maps, changed the code. I’ve now moved over to, OpenStreetMap which is far better anyway!

Mar 202018

I know, I left it a bit late!!! But I’ve just fixed the spam CAPTCHA. So you can now comment freely again on my photos! And not have to worry about seeing this…

You should now always this instead…

Please head over to my photo gallery and get commenting @

Oct 302017

I’ve just been doing some website background updates…

At long last, got the photo gallery system and twitter speaking to each other again! So now when you post a comment about one of my many photos, it will now also post the first part of the comment with a link to the photo to my twitter account. Which in turn, should get more people looking at my photos!

So feel free to comment on a photo! To test it, works for me!!

Jul 262017

That’s me just updated the photo gallery system, so it will now show information about each photo. If you click on “Image Info” just below the photo.

Since, I’ve just done Ben Nevis. My favourite, bit of information, is of course the altitude! Which for Ben Nevis reads: Altitude: 1344.1m.

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