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Happy #NationalPetDay 2023!

Happy National Pet Day 2023 everyone! So it’s time to do post all about Bugsy!!!

Everyone will know, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter etc. At first, I just could not bond with him. Since I was still getting over losing Cooper. Also Bugsy, had a very good at winding up me!

Now had him for just over 1 year. And totally head over heels in love with him!

Here are just some of amazing adventures we’ve been on so far…

Monsal Trail

He walked the whole of the Monsal Trail, the from start to end, then back to the start! Covering a total distance of 18.53 miles!

You can check out the route we took at www.strava.com/activities/7834897778

Tan Hill Inn

He’s stayed at the Tan Hill Inn. Which is Britain’s highest public house at 1,732 feet (528m) above sea level.

Been to Scotland!

Well OK, he’s only walked about half a mile into Scotland. While doing day 1 of the England Coast Path! But it still counts, right?!?!

Dales Way Link – Harrogate to Ilkley!

He’s walked the Dales Way Link – Harrogate to Ilkley, covering a distance of 17.73 miles.

You can check out the route at www.strava.com/activities/8826320475

Of course, these are just some of the things he’s done over the last year! This year, is going to be everything else! He’s going to LOVE IT!