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Walking The Dales Way in 2023!

Next year, Bugsy, Mark G (house mate) and myself will be walking The Dales Way! It will be my biggest adventure, since doing the End to End cycle back in 2009!

The Dales Way runs for 80 miles from Ilkley in West Yorkshire to Bowness-on-Windermere in Cumbria. We will be doing the whole walk in one go! Not like other long walks, that I’ve done, which have been done over weeks, months and some even years!

In the next week, or so, we’re going to do a test day. Doing one of link routes. We have picked the Harrogate one, which covers a distance of 16.5 miles!

So looking forward to this, BIG adventure with him!!

Bugsy’s walking map – 01/11/2022 to 12/11/2022

We are only 12 days into November and look at all places Bugsy has walked already!

All going well before the month is out, will do at least another 2 or 3 days of the Leicestershire Round… Plus doing a test day of The Dales Way. Just to double check that Bugsy and myself can do the whole route, in one go next year…

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Bugsy’s walking map – 01/11/2022 to 09/11/2022

We are only 9 days into November and look at all places Bugsy has walked already!

So far he’s done many walks around his village. Plus day 2 of the Leicestershire Round and first day of the Brampton Valley Way.

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Bugsy’s travel/walking map : 01-11-2022

That’s me just updated Bugsy’s travel map. It now includes the holidays he had on the Isle of Wight and the North York Moors, with my house mate Mark.

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Bugsy has now used 7 railway stations

So far Bugsy has started and/or ended a journey at the following railway stations…

  1. Barrow-upon-Soar
  2. Leicester
  3. Loughborough
  4. Melton Mowbray
  5. Sileby
  6. South Wigston
  7. Syston

Bugsy is already a well travelled boy…

Bugsy is already a well travelled boy! I know in the coming, days, weeks, months and years this map will really fill up!

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Happy #InternationalDogDay 2022

It’s International Dog Day 2022! So here are some photos of my new best friend Bugsy! Oh and don’t worry Cooper, I will NEVER, NEVER forget you!

Cooper may have passed anyway, a good number of months ago now. But still miss him each and every day. Can’t get my head around it. Still in mourning… Every time, I think I am getting use to him not being around, something sets me off…

Life has just not been the same since he died! xx

But of course, having Bugsy has really helped me! He’s starting to be great fun to be around! Can’t wait to go on many adventures with him…

Here are some photos of Bugsy….

Please welcome Bugsy to our family

Mark G, Bugsy and myself

Bugsy really does love his hugs now!!

More photos can be found at

And course, had to post some of Cooper…

Cooper and myself in Wales

Cooper and myself on the Isle of Skye

Mark G, Cooper and myself at Berney Arms railway station

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List of Bugsy’s longest walks so far : 6 May 2022

Here is list, of the four longest walks that Bugsy has done so far!

Mark G, Bugsy and myself

  1. Gaddesby to Queniborough Circular – 6.15 miles
  2. Grantham Canal – 6.89 miles
  3. Deenethorpe, Weldon Park, Blackthorn Lodge, Upper Benefield Circular – 8.08 miles
  4. GUC Leicester Line : Day 5 – 10.22 miles

He’s also been a walk in the following Counties:-

  • Leicestershire
  • Lincolnshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Rutland

Check out for many cute photos of Bugsy.

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