Nov 082018

I will no longer be using flickr. This is due, is them changing the free accounts. Right now, you can post up to 1 TB of photos, from January 2019, you only post up to 1,000 photos! Which is nothing at all. Since right now, I have over 6,000 photos on it!

If I want to keep all my photos on it, I have to pay for it (Since, I host them all on my website)! Which is never going to happen!

So, if you love any of my photos over on flickr, I would download them while you can….

So head over to to download any of my photos!

P.S. I can’t see flickr being about much longer! When they are so many other great places to post photos…. Like Instagram, which, I will still of course be using! Check me out over at

Apr 302018

It’s not long at all again, till I go back to Cyprus!! So here are some photos from my previous trips…


Many more photos can be seen @

Nov 302017

WOW! I can’t believe that my photos on flickr have had 15.4 million views! That is a hell, of a lot of, people looking at them! Check them out for yourself @

Jul 052017

Marcel Kittel looks so good in tight Lycra! Just can’t make up my mind, if he looks better in blue or white! What do you think? Comment below!!

Marcel Kittel // Team Argos Shimano

Jul 042017

Since Peter Sagan has been disqualified from #TDF2017, now is has good, has any time to post, some of my favourite photos of him, from flickr!

Peter Sagan : stage 1 winner
Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale

Jul 022017

That sure was a great walk for Cooper Day! Did 11.8 miles, around the Ringstead Downs and the Norfolk Coast! The route, we took can be found at

I will leave you, with some photos from the walk!


Jun 132017

Yep, you guessed it, I found even more red telephone boxes during today’s mini 33.4 mile cycle! Sorry, if you’re all getting bored of this!!!

Full list, of all the ones, I’ve found so far, can be found here!

Red telephone box at Market Deeping
Red telephone box at West Deeping

Jun 122017

I found more nine red telephone boxes today, while out cycling! The most yet in a single cycle, then I did do 41.63 miles!

List of the ones, I found…

  • Braceborough
  • Bulby
  • Edenham
  • Greatford
  • Humby
  • Irnham
  • Lenton
  • Manthorpe
  • Wilsthorpe

Red telephone box at Irnham
Red telephone box at Humby
Red telephone box at Bulby
Red telephone box at Greatford

More can be found @

Jun 092017

I found yet another two red telephone boxes, while out cycling this afternoon! It’s getting, harder and harder to find them!

Red telephone box at Swayfield
Red telephone box at Stoke Rochford

Jun 082017

I found another three red telephone boxes, while out cycling this afternoon! Turning into a fun game, trying to find them!


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