Peter Sagan disqualified from #TDF2017

Since Peter Sagan has been disqualified from #TDF2017, now is has good, has any time to post, some of my favourite photos of him, from flickr!

Peter Sagan : stage 1 winner
Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale

4 Replies to “Peter Sagan disqualified from #TDF2017”

  1. He deserves to get disqualified, because the cyclist he crashed into or elbowed him into the crash barriers has also had to pull out due to a broken shoulder.

    1. To tell (you) the truth, I never watch it! Since it’s only showing in the UK for free on ITV4, which is in SD, to get the HD version you have to play for it! Which I am NEVER going to do! I just wanted a reason to post Lycra photos of him!!

      1. I didn’t watch it either, the 1st I knew about it was on the 10pm news, then about 30mins I saw a breaking news headline on the BBC home page about the broken shoulder. I like guys in Lycra as well, more of the 80’s athlete style though no protective padding.

  2. I have 2 agree with “Puffin”, dirty riding tricks like that can not B tolerated; brings shame 2 the game. I only hope that Mark C recovers soon from his injuries.

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