The Storm That Saved a City : BBC iPlayer

Looking for something to watch on the BBC iPlayer? Then I would really recommend that you watch The Storm That Saved a City.

On 15 January 1968, thousands of homes were damaged when 100-miles-an-hour winds tore through the central belt. Twenty people lost their lives amid devastating scenes. But the storm shook up Scotland’s biggest city in another way, too. It inspired a rethink about Glasgow’s tenements. For 100 years, the city had been destroying unfit houses for new ones – but it wasn’t solving the problem. It took the storm, a group of young architects and some strong-willed residents to save their city from the bulldozer. And it brought forward the transformation of Glasgow – from Britain’s biggest slum to the cultural capital of Europe.

I know this is a bit sad, but watching my, home City of Glasgow, turn into one of the best City’s in the world, had me in had me in tears! I am not joking, it really did!

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