All 4 and 4HD is being removed from Freesat!

Just heard the news that All 4 and 4HD is being removed from Freesat, by Channel 4! Not happy at all!! Who the hell watches stuff in SD nowadays? Next will stop showing things in colour!

Make sure you go on Facebook, Twitter etc and tell them this is not on!!

3 Replies to “All 4 and 4HD is being removed from Freesat!”

  1. Channel 4 getting desperate for cash from Sky who are doing their best to kill off Freesat. Though doesn’t bother me too much as I rarely watch broadcast tv when Netflix and so on content is ad free and immediately available.
    There’s no way I’ll ever subscribe to Sky which is suffering a painfully slow death.

  2. It’s due to Freesat reorganising their charging structure resulting in a massive increase in fees to Channel 4 which would take funding away from programming. So they’ve removed those channels from the Freesat EPG.

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