Happy #ChristmasJumperDay 2017 everyone

Sorry I don’t own Christmas Jumper! So here is a photo of myself wearing a Christmas t-shirt instead! Sorry it’s a old photo from 2015, still trying to get fully over a cold/flu bug thing!

A pub is for life not just Christmas t-shirt

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  1. Hope you feel better soon, I had a cold start on me I killed it off with aspirin and staying in my warm bed in my thickest footed Pj’s.

    It took about 4 days all together to get rid of the symptoms , I took 2, 81 milligram aspirin every few hours.

    If I feel a cold coming on I start taking aspirin, sometimes I can kill it off before it gets a good hold on me.

    Stay warm take aspirin, go to bed dressed warm, sweat out the cold.

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