Scotland Flag Morphsuit photos

I was hoping to take these photos yesterday for St Andrew’s Day. But the UK weather had other ideas!

Scotland Flag Morphsuit
Scotland Flag Morphsuit
Scotland Flag Morphsuit

More photos of myself wearing the Scotland Flag Morphsuit can be found @”Scotland+Flag+Morphsuit”/

November 2017 cycling statistics

It’s time, to try posting my monthly cycling statistics again! Not done it, since June 2016! Opps!

Please remember you can follow my cycling adventures over @

Here is the data from November 2017:-

  • Total cycles: 19.
  • Total Distance: 356.46 miles.
  • Total Time: 31:38:06 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 11.2 mph.
  • Max Time: 02:22:19 (h:m:s).
  • Max Speed: 35.7 mph.
  • Avg Distance: 18.76 miles.
  • Max Distance: 28.02 miles (Single cycle).

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Here are my favourite cycling photos from the month:-

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuitO’Neill Gooru 2/1 ShortiWetsuit cycling

November 2017 most popular photos

Below are the top three most looked at photos on this website during November 2017.

Number 1 (116 views) : O’Neill Gooru F.U.Z.E wetsuit + police handcuffs
O’Neill Gooru F.U.Z.E wetsuit + police handcuffs

Number 2 (98 views) : Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit
Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit

Number 3 (87 views) : Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit
Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit

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