Of course, wetsuits are more fun with another lad!

I hope that you have all been enjoying, all the wetsuit photos! But of course, I had to save the best, till last! Which is, wearing wetsuits with other cute lads!

Lubor and myself having fun in wetsuits

5 Replies to “Of course, wetsuits are more fun with another lad!”

  1. Ay Chihuahua! All beautiful got me all wet oops! 😉 Beautiful friends like you are Gordon. Love from San Francisco

  2. I only wish I knew someone who shared my love of wetsuits, around here they are never seen other than some professional dive clubs I only know of 1 of them.

    I love one piece outfits in general, coveralls are also favorites of mine along with one piece Pj’s, I have worn them since I was a young guy, I can’t see not wearing something I love just because I got older.

  3. Most things in life are better with another lad, especially the cute ones you find, and with the same things you enjoy.

    Just a shame you haven’t found Mr. Right yet.

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