Don’t often cycle in the O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Short

Not very often that I go out cycling wearing the O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Short, but I did today and ended up doing 28 miles!

O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti
O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti
Wetsuit cycling

8 Replies to “Don’t often cycle in the O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Short”

  1. Nice 1 G, looking good in that pic; hope U had a good ride out ‘n’ about – hope it wasn’t 2 cold in your part of the country.

    1. If you mean being single! I don’t mind at all! Having a boyfriend is way, way to much like hard work! And don’t even get paid for it!

  2. Dear Gordon I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas, I hope that you , your family and friends have a great time. Kindest regards Robert

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