Loving my new Zone3 Vision Wetsuit

I’ve got to say, I am loving my new Zone3 Vision Wetsuit. Also the price as not bad at all. List price was £215, I paid £174.15 for it! So a saving of 19%. Also can’t believe fast, I got it! I only orded it yesterday from Wiggle and got it today! Did not even pay, any extra to get it next day! So 10/10 to Wiggle!

Zone3 Vision WetsuitZone3 Vision Wetsuit
Zone3 Vision WetsuitZone3 Vision Wetsuit

3 Replies to “Loving my new Zone3 Vision Wetsuit”

  1. Looks seriously sexy on you Gordon & the price is very tempting; is it a good fit and smooth?

  2. Looks great, Gordon. Love the fact its nice and shiny. Enjoy, and hope to are lots of photos soon.

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