Sorry about the lack of updates

So sorry about the lack of updates since getting to Scotland on the 24th. Just been very busy seeing family and friends :). I hope that you all had a great Christmas.

Guess I should tell you want I got for Christmas. From my brother Craig I got the Harry Potter – The Complete 8-Film Collection on Blu-ray of course. From Mum and Dad I got the Human Planet and Doctor Who – The Complete Series 5 both on Blu-ray.

Sorry about the short update. I will post a longer one soon!

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  1. No worries G!!! It sounds like you got a lot of nice things from Santa via family!

    I got a lot of nice things too… a few things I bought for myself, but still nice to buy yourself a wee present every now and again! Mum got me some trainers and a voucher to spend on Animal branded stuff… sure I will find something I like!

    Thanks G, enjoy seeing in the New Year!

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