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Spiderman loves being all helpless!!

Yep, Spiderman loves being all helpless!!

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WOW! 874 likes on Twitter!

WOW! Thanks so much everyone! This post has had 874 likes so far on Twitter! Guess you all love seeing me hanging around in bondage!

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This photo can also be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2022/img_9741.jpg.html

Off Twitter now, till 2022!

That’s me stopped using my person Twitter account (twitter.com/gsvalentine), till the start of 2022! Just so fed up of all crap people keep posting! So for good of my mental health, just not using it! So anything that does get posted, will be automatic posts from here…

So happy! QuestionLGBTedu has blocked me!

So happy! That QuestionLGBTedu has blocked me on Twitter! I was starting to worry, I was not gay after all. Since they block any LGBT people, that try to interact with them!

Read more over at www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/07/31/lgbt-education-twitter-gay-block/

P.S. Follow them and get them hell!! 🙂

Doing some website background updates…

I’ve just been doing some website background updates…

At long last, got the photo gallery system and twitter speaking to each other again! So now when you post a comment about one of my many photos, it will now also post the first part of the comment with a link to the photo to my twitter account. Which in turn, should get more people looking at my photos!

So feel free to comment on a photo! To test it, works for me!!

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