Apr 182017

So glad that Steps are back together! I can’t stop listening to their new single, Scared Of The Dark. Can’t wait get the new album, which is out this Friday! Getting in on vinyl of course! 🙂

Nov 092016

Think that lot’s and lot’s of people will be playing this song today!!

Nov 042015

May sure you watch these videos in correct order and you will see why I love them so much!

Sep 222011

Some very, very sad news in the music world. That is after 31 years R.E.M. have broken up :(. I would say they are one of my all time favourite bands. I have now less then 13 of there albums and 4 of there DVDs.  I could at first not believe it, when I read it on the BBC news website. They have been around since 1980, so the year after I was born. So they have been a big part of much of my life. They will be very, very much missed.

Is you are are R.E.M. fan you may wait to check out Absolute Radio 90s this Sunday, since they are having a R.E.M. day.

In other news, I got my very first Birthday card today. So very, very big thanks to Mark! I can’t believe this time next week, I will be 32.

I will leave you with my all time favourite R.E.M. song. Which is Everybody Hurts.

Oh sorry just one more thing, I would love to hear what your favourite R.E.M. song is and why.

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