Jul 202018

You will all be pleased to hear, that I’ve moved!!! We got the keys the new place, last Sunday (15th July 2018) and started moving in that day! It took us, till Wednesday to move everything over! Still boxes all over the place! That will be sorted, given time!

  6 Responses to “Vlog: I’ve moved home!”

  1. You’ll have everything back to how you want it soon enough. Had similar experience during a move years ago [1990], moved from a modern 1970 house to one originally built in the early 1800’s. Doorways about 5ft6” in height and stairs were narrow too. All good fun, but glad you’re settled.

    You’ve got a brilliant friend there to do that for you. Look after him.

  2. Relieved 2 know U got somewhere

  3. Great ….. Ben says hello….wishing you well in your new digs……we hate moving too………….

  4. I am so happy that all worked out well for you

  5. I am pleased that you have something sorted. There is no greater stress than moving house.

  6. Moving house is the worst!

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