May 182019

At long, long last, I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, from Windows 7 Pro. It was a system rebuild, since I’ve had a new SSD hard drive installed! Which now means my PC boots faster than my mobile phone does.

But of course, since it rebuild. I’ve had to reinstall everything! Got all the main software back working again. Which includes… Audacity, Firefox, GIMP, gPodder, LibreOffice, WinSCP and many more.

Next job is getting the video editing software installed, so I can start doing new vlogs again! 😛

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May 172019

That sure was a very busy week! Lots of new blog posts coming soon!!

Will remove this post soon!!

May 152019

That sure was a great day out on the Nene Valley Railway with Mum, Dad, and my older brother Douglas. Turns out, I’ve not done Nene Valley Railway, since 2014. So was, long overdue to do it again! Also have a feeling, my parents have not heritage railway, in well over 20 years!

Nene Valley railway
Mum and Dad at Nene Valley railway
Nene Valley railway

More photos from this set can be found at

May 132019

That was a great day out in London with my older bother Douglas. Who is down for the week, along with our Mum and Dad. But only Douglas and myself went to London.

While in London, we went to the Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House and also the Thames Barrier. Oh and I also got to tick off another railway station, this time Charlton.

Cutty Sark
The Prime Meridian Line
Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Thames Barrier

More photos from this set can be found at

May 132019

Well OK, I’ve been to, The Thames Barrier before. But not since July 2008! So it was getting seeing it again, some 11 years later… At least, I was not wearing Lycra this time… LOL! 🙂

From today’s visit…
The Thames Barrier
The Thames Barrier

From the 2008 visit…
The Thames Barrier
The Thames Barrier

May 122019

See my wee website all about myself, Gordon S Valentine, is viewed from just about, all over the world! 🙂

Just to think, I started this website way, way back in 1996/97. When I was still at Stow College! So around the time, I come out!

Can’t believe, all these years later… I am still running it! I’ve made some great friends over the years, while running it!

More than sure, it will still be on the go for, many, many more years to come!

May 112019

WOW! Go me, I’ve now done a new blog post for 134 days in a row! Which really is a new record for me!

At first, when I first started to try doing a new blog post every day… I was sure, I would run out of things to post. When in fact, most days it’s been very easy indeed!

Just hope, that you have been enjoying all my, many blog posts and many, many new photos!

P.S. Sorry about all the railway posts! Just love railways!

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Love you all!! 🙂 xx

May 112019

I am going to York next week, with my Mum, Dad and older brother Douglas. Really looking forward to it! Not been with my folks since, 2009 and my older brother since 2014.

So here are photos from the last number of times, I’ve been…

Clifford's Tower, York
Myself driving the Mallard
National Railway Museum

May 112019

Make sure you check out fabioquartararo20 on Instagram. He looks so HOT wearing this motorcycle leathers!

May 112019

Make sure you check out arizonapeterparker on Instagram. I’ve posted some of his work on here before! He’s super HOT!

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