I get my Internet back this Tuesday :)

Sorry about the lack of updates, so far this month. That’s due to having no ADSL since Wednesday 2rd November. But you will be pleased to know, the new phone line was installed this week. Going by our ISP Demon, our ASDL will be back this Tuesday!

So now I just need to think of lots of updates, ready for when the Internet is back.

2 Replies to “I get my Internet back this Tuesday :)”

  1. Well, first off, the couple of weeks has gone quick isn’t it and I bet you will be happy to get back online!
    I think you should start by telling us all what you have been up to… especially we need to hear a little about the Robert and Daniel photos!

  2. So glad to hear that you will soon be back on line – but good to see a new photo! (Ikea). I spent some time going through a lot of your old stuff and I found (quite by accident) a great one of you having a “little” rant about Mr. Darling’s Pre-Budget Report (Nov. 2008). How prophetic your words turned out to be!

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