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Now got fully working Internet again!!

After moving around 3 or 4 weeks ago. Not had fully working Internet in the house. Been using my mobile phone!

Now I’ve installed a TP-Link AC1200 Advanced 4G+ Router! Using a SMARTY Unlimited Data Only plan. Which only costs £20 a month! So far, very pleased with it!

Got faster, Internet again!

After moving to this house, well over a year ago and only getting ADSL! Because BT, said, that was all we could get… But after, me checking out everyone else’s postcodes, it turned out, it was just about only us, that could not get fast Internet…

So after, a number of emails to the local council and of course BT, we now have much better Internet! We’ve gone from just 3.7 Mbps, up to 43.9 Mbps. We could pay and get faster, but we don’t really need it!

So at long last, I don’t need to use my mobile phone to upload stuff to my YouTube channelwww.youtube.com/user/gsvalentine

I get my Internet back this Tuesday :)

Sorry about the lack of updates, so far this month. That’s due to having no ADSL since Wednesday 2rd November. But you will be pleased to know, the new phone line was installed this week. Going by our ISP Demon, our ASDL will be back this Tuesday!

So now I just need to think of lots of updates, ready for when the Internet is back.

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