Went a nice walk up the Campsie Fells

If you have watched my three vlogs below then you will already know most of this… It was a really, really nice day… like 19C which for Scotland in April is very good indeed. So my plan was to go out a nice cycle maybe to Loch Lomond and back. I got all geared up in my sexy cycling gear. Then went outside, to get my bike. Only to find it had a flat tyre. If I had been in England, it would have been OK. Since I have the tools to fix it. But I did not have anything at all to fix it. So all I could do, was put the bike back away. Then think of something else, to do in the great weather.

So I went back inside, half changed out of my cycling gear. In other words I kept my cycling shorts on, just put “normal” shorts on over the top of them and changed out of my cycling top. Then I set off out towards the Campsie Fells, which was just a very short walk from my Mum and Dads house in Killearn.

The plain was only to go a short walk, but ended up doing 8.14 miles. I know this since I took my cycle GPS with me :). Now I will bore you with some of my walking stats. I spent 2:16.39 (h:m:s) walking. Avg speed was 3.6 mph, not 2 bad for hill walking if you ask me. Max speed was 12.7 mph, yes I did a bit of running also. Min elevation was 87 meters and max elevation was 535 meters. So well pleased with myself. In the whole time I lived in Killearn, it’s the highest, up point I have ever got to up the Campsie Fells.

While doing the walk, I also got some great photos. Please check them out at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2011/page/5/.

Oh in that photo above did not go 2 far into the water, since it was a bit on the cold side. Also had no idea how deep it was. I have a feeling it’s a lot deeper than it looks. But next time, I go up will make sure I have my wetsuit with me, to find out :).

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