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Video: Garmin Shoulder Harness Mount test

OK this may not be the most interesting video in the world. So doubt, many of you will watch it!

I am just giving my new Garmin Shoulder Harness Mount it’s first test. Just need to try to get it set-up right, so you don’t see the side of my head. Also need to slow down the time lapse next time. Since in just 16 seconds, I covered 1.5 miles.

Video: Rutland Water: Barnsdale to Sykes Lane

This video was filmed during the 60 mile cycle that I did today (Tuesday 26th August 2014). It shows a small section of the cycle between Barnsdale and Sykes Lane, which is part of the Rutland Water route.

Video: Testing the Garmin Virb Elite action camera

At long last I got to do my first real test using my new Garmin Virb Elite action camera. That I got on Tuesday (8th July 2014) from Evans Cycles. Could not do any tests, while out cycling. Till I got the “Garmin Vented Helmet Strap Mount for VIRB” which turned up today from Wiggle at a cost of £11.68.

So now I can start filming and of course sharing sections of my favourite cycle routes :).

Below is the first of many videos. That you will have to look forward to in the coming, days, weeks etc… Love the fact, I can display the speed, elevation and even a mini route map on the video.

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