Apr 112018

Today a MyArmor Waterproof Floating Hand Grip turned up from eBay, which I am hoping to use when doing cycling vlogs!

MyArmor Waterproof Floating Hand Grip

Apr 122015

OK this may not be the most interesting video in the world. So doubt, many of you will watch it!

I am just giving my new Garmin Shoulder Harness Mount it’s first test. Just need to try to get it set-up right, so you don’t see the side of my head. Also need to slow down the time lapse next time. Since in just 16 seconds, I covered 1.5 miles.

Aug 262014

This video was filmed during the 60 mile cycle that I did today (Tuesday 26th August 2014). It shows a small section of the cycle between Barnsdale and Sykes Lane, which is part of the Rutland Water route.

Jul 152014

Love this road leaving Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir. When cycling up it, you get great views of Belvoir Castle to the right.

Route used in the video


Jul 152014

Cycling along the Grantham Canal from Grantham, just off the A607 to The Dirty Duck near to Woolsthorpe by Belvoir.

Route used in the video


Jul 152014

Having great fun cycling down Somerby Hill along the A52 into Grantham.

Route used in the video


Jul 122014

This is one of my favourite downhill sections while out cycling. It’s only a short hill, but I love it all the same.

Route used in the video



Jul 112014

At long last I got to do my first real test using my new Garmin Virb Elite action camera. That I got on Tuesday (8th July 2014) from Evans Cycles. Could not do any tests, while out cycling. Till I got the “Garmin Vented Helmet Strap Mount for VIRB” which turned up today from Wiggle at a cost of £11.68.

So now I can start filming and of course sharing sections of my favourite cycle routes :).

Below is the first of many videos. That you will have to look forward to in the coming, days, weeks etc… Love the fact, I can display the speed, elevation and even a mini route map on the video.

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