Tag: driving lesson

Monday – 7th July 2003

In the morning I had a driving lesson. It went not 2 badly at all. I went a drive into Oakham. It’s got a very busy main street. Which I am not really a great fun of, but I will need to get use to busy roads if I want to pass my driving test. I still think that I should have passed by September. Which has always been, my aim since I started late April.

In the afternoon I cut the back grass and give the house a bit of a clean. Booked train tickets for going up to Scotland on the 24th of this month. I really looking forward to it. It’s will be the first time that I have been up since April.

Matthew come around in the afternoon for a while. He could not stay for long, because he had to go and pick his Mum up. He also got me a copy of the new Delta Goodrem album called “Innocent Eyes”. He is fast turning into on my the sweetest guys that I know.

Then I went a drive to Asda in Grantham with Mark to get food. Just don’t ask how fast I was going on the A1, you really don’t want to know.

Once I got back from Grantham, I went a cycle to a small village called Carlby, which is just over 4 miles from Little Bytham. I so happy now, I have got my bike computer over the 900 mile mark. It now reads 905 miles, if you really want to know. Meaning that I will have it up to 1000 miles before I go up to Scotland. Which will make me, one very, very happy guy indeed.