Mar 122019

WOW! I’ve been wanting to get this working for so long… At long last, my photo gallery now shows the latest 16 photos along the top!

All it took, was for me to do some PHP editing! 🙂

Mar 062019

I’ve started working on a National Cycle Network photo map. I’ve used the network so many times, over the years for cycling, walking and while doing the End to End cycle back in 2009.

Still, got many photos to add to this map, but very pleased with my process so far…

Also, done a page, that breaks the National Cycle Network, down into routes.

Nov 112018

That’s the photo gallery now showing photo locations, again!! It use to work, till Google Maps, changed the code. I’ve now moved over to, OpenStreetMap which is far better anyway!

Mar 202018

I know, I left it a bit late!!! But I’ve just fixed the spam CAPTCHA. So you can now comment freely again on my photos! And not have to worry about seeing this…

You should now always this instead…

Please head over to my photo gallery and get commenting @

Dec 172012

I am pleased to say, after many emails between myself and Looks like we have fixed the photo gallery system!! 🙂

So here are some new photos, for you test it :).

Spider-Man suit

Dec 172012

Right now the photo gallery system is having issues. If you go to and then try to view a photo. You will be showing the following message “You don’t have permission to access
> /zenphoto/*FILENAME*.jpg.php on this server.

Then you will be locked out of this website for around 10 minutes.

I have been in contact with my host,, who are trying to work out what is going on.

I will post again, when I have more news on this issue.

Gordon Valentine's homepage | Gallery

Feb 262012

I am pleased to say, after using the support forum on the zenphoto website, that’s the photo search function just been fixed!

Also fixed the ‘Image Info’ link bug that “BlondGuppy” told me about. Have a feeling, I killed that when trying to fix others things. It’s all working now. So that’s the main thing of course!

Feb 252012

I am sure by now, some of you will have found this bug. When using the photo gallery section on this website, if you use the search option. Do a search for let’s say “cycling gear” it will show all the related photos. If you click on one, it will also display page title and nothing else :(.

I have been in contact with zenphoto they are working on a bug fix as we speak!

I will let you know once it’s been fixed!

Feb 272011

If like myself you like to get most of your website updates via twitter or RSS feeds then you will be happy :). At long last I have got the RSS comments feed working again. It stopped working when I upgraded to a new version of zenphoto. Which is the CMS (content management system), gallery system I use on this website. So now it’s been working when anyone posts a comment on a photo, it will automatically get posted to my twitter feed.

The RSS feed for the photo comments is:

My twitter feed is which you should all know by now 🙂

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