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Vlog: RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit

Wearing my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit in some local woods. I am bit hot, since I don’t have a motorcycle. The only way to get myself and leathers to woods was to cycle there.

Where are all your vlogs?

Since this new website went live, I have been asked where do I find all your vlogs and other video’s that use to be one the old website.  To make things nice and easy I have set up two new categories on the blog.

  • vlog/personal – Various personal vlogs that I have filmed over the years.
  • vlog/wetsuitlads – Videos that have been filmed for my Wetsuitlads website.

Still go lots and lots to post. So till they are all back on-line check out video section on my old website — http://archived.gordon-valentine.com/videos/.

Saturday – 12th January 2008

Both of the videos below, were filmed for my Wetsuitlads website.

Mike tests the waters

Mike tests the waters, while wearing a Orca speedsuit.

Mike’s Dirty Shower

Mike has a quick shower, in the orca speedsuit. This video, was filmed straight after Testing the waters.

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