Feb 092018

Wearing the Adidas full body suit, just wish they still made these!

Oct 142013

Showing how easy it is, to get locked in a O’Neill Gooru wetsuit!! Just better hope I don’t go and lose the keys!!

Oct 142013

Putting on my new O’Neill Gooru wetsuit for the very first time.

Jul 032012

Wearing my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit in some local woods. I am bit hot, since I don’t have a motorcycle. The only way to get myself and leathers to woods was to cycle there.

Nov 052011

I had so much fun today, I had not one but two fit lads in wetsuits. They were of course modelling for my Wetsuitlads website.

If you have a close look at the photo to the left, you will see they where both hand cuffed together :). It’s not very often I get two lads in wetsuits, so I did not want them running off anywhere!

Jan 302011

Since this new website went live, I have been asked where do I find all your vlogs and other video’s that use to be one the old website.  To make things nice and easy I have set up two new categories on the blog.

  • vlog/personal – Various personal vlogs that I have filmed over the years.
  • vlog/wetsuitlads – Videos that have been filmed for my Wetsuitlads website.

Still go lots and lots to post. So till they are all back on-line check out video section on my old website — http://archived.gordon-valentine.com/videos/.

Apr 052010

Doing an experiment to see if more people watch my vlogs, when I wear my S10 gas mask and Lycra.

Jan 172010

Today I had a friend over, while he was here, he took some great photos of myself, for my Wetsuitlads website.

Nov 212009

Would you be up for going to next years Pride London wearing a wetsuit?

Oct 042009

Putting on my Orca S2, over the top the Adidas fullbody suit.

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