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Not that, it will help…

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018Not that, it will help, but I’ve just reinstalled the whole website. So in other words removed the whole of WordPress and Zenphoto and installed them all over again. So a bit like reinstalling Windows from square one. Doubt with help, but fast running out of ideas!

Only been working on it since, getting out of bed at 9am! So want to cheer me up?!?? Then comment and rate the photo to left!

Yep website is really not working well!

So, so sorry about this website going off-line so much! Look at all that downtime over night! I was up till around 2:3am last night, trying to work what is going on! Still hoping that my host can sort it out…

Been with them since 2003, so really don’t want to move away from them. Since overall they great! Got more than one website hosted with them. None of others, go off-line like this!

With being in lockdown, can’t really be doing with the stress of this! Running this website should be fun! But right now, it’s anything but!

Moving to a new server (9th January 2013)

34SP logoI got the following email from my host last week.

“As part of an ongoing programme to improve the service we deliver to you, we will be migrating your professional hosting account for gordon-valentine.com from the server currently powering it to a more powerful, up to date server.

As part of this move, Plesk will no longer be involved as the control panel on your server and all changes to your account can be made through our control panel.

Your website will be unavailable for up to an hour next Wednesday 9th January 2013.

E-mail will not be affected during this move.”

So when you can’t access this website for a number of hours today at some point you know why.

Website been playing up (24/04/2012)

Sorry about my website being off-line for most of the morning. The server: prohost7.34sp.com that this website is hosting on has been playing up. I believe that 34SP has fixed the problem. Going by their status page anyway.

But I don’t believe that at all. Since it took me around 15 minutes, just to get this post on-line. Because the website kept going off-line.


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