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Yep website is really not working well!

So, so sorry about this website going off-line so much! Look at all that downtime over night! I was up till around 2:3am last night, trying to work what is going on! Still hoping that my host can sort it out…

Been with them since 2003, so really don’t want to move away from them. Since overall they great! Got more than one website hosted with them. None of others, go off-line like this!

With being in lockdown, can’t really be doing with the stress of this! Running this website should be fun! But right now, it’s anything but!

Think the website is back to normal!

I am sure, that my website is running 100% again!

Oh and big thanks to someone from 34sp.com emailing at me 8:00pm, last night, just to check that it was still running, like it should! Doubt many other hosts, would do that!