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Not that, it will help…

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018Not that, it will help, but I’ve just reinstalled the whole website. So in other words removed the whole of WordPress and Zenphoto and installed them all over again. So a bit like reinstalling Windows from square one. Doubt with help, but fast running out of ideas!

Only been working on it since, getting out of bed at 9am! So want to cheer me up?!?? Then comment and rate the photo to left!

Yep website is really not working well!

So, so sorry about this website going off-line so much! Look at all that downtime over night! I was up till around 2:3am last night, trying to work what is going on! Still hoping that my host can sort it out…

Been with them since 2003, so really don’t want to move away from them. Since overall they great! Got more than one website hosted with them. None of others, go off-line like this!

With being in lockdown, can’t really be doing with the stress of this! Running this website should be fun! But right now, it’s anything but!

New look website and new name…

This website has just been given a whole new look and been renamed to “Gordon Valentine’s adventures” use to be called “Gordon Valentine’s homepage”, don’t worry it’s still got all the same stuff on it!

Also had it’s biggest update, since it first moved over to WordPress back in 2011. Before that, between 1997 and 2011, it was done using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Yes I’ve been running this website, since I 17!

End to End cycle (JOGLE) website been updated!

That’s me just given my End to End cycle (JOGLE) website, a very big update! Mainly due to the theme, that it had been using, is no longer supported! Also the Jetpack for WordPress plugin, will be removing it’s mobile support. So needed a theme, that has mobile theme support build in.

So please do head over to www.endtoend-cycle.com and give it a good test! Since at some point, this website could well move over to the same theme!

That my End to End cycle (JOGLE) now encrypted

That’s me at long last, got my End to End cycle (JOGLE) website encrypted using SSL/TLS Certificates.

You will now see a ‘padlock’ icon in your browser’s address bar, indicating that SSL is present and trusted by your browser.

If you find any pages/blog posts that DON’T SHOW the ‘padlock’ icon, please do let me know!

I will also, be showing that website, so much needed love very soon indeed!

Photos used in the website header

A number of weeks back, I got a email from someone asking, if I could make the header ‘taster’ photos clickable! The answer to that is no! But here is a next best thing! All the photos in one place, with links back to full sized photos!

Team DiscoveryRST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather SuitWetsuit cycling

Stevens racing suitSpider-Man suitMonsal Trail

Zone3 Vision Wetsuitmazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kitZone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit

New website features!

I have just upgraded this website is run the newest version of WordPress. Also at the same time, I upgraded to the latest theme version. Which let us add lots of new features.

Here is a quick list of the new features.

  • Subscribe via email.
  • Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
  • Added YouTube to the “Follow Us” list.