Jul 092018

Really don’t think, I need to, say why I love this video… Lad dancing around a wetsuit, need I say any more?

May 042018

azpeterparker has to be one of the best looking and most fun Spiderman cosplayers on Instagram FACT! That wee dance he does is SUPER HOT!

Sep 122017

OMG! Just found this very, very hot video of Tom Daley on YouTube in Lycra!!! Skip to around 5:44 into the video! Maybe the best video, he’s ever done!!

Jul 142017

What a great idea! I am so up to going to a railway station, that I’ve never been to before! No idea, when I last went somewhere new by train!

I better keep the weekend of the 12/13 August free!

Apr 182017

So glad that Steps are back together! I can’t stop listening to their new single, Scared Of The Dark. Can’t wait get the new album, which is out this Friday! Getting in on vinyl of course! 🙂

Feb 252017

Since I posted this on snapchat, everyone at work has been shouting “bloody hell, it’s windy” back at me! Maybe time, I become a weather reporter!

Oct 112016

Got to say, I am totally loving my new wetsuit!!! Now just need to find some lads to model it for me!!! Anyone want to offer??? 😀

I can think, of a number of lads from work, I would love to get wearing it!!!

Jun 202016

Loving his white Lycra tights! Just wish his top was a bit shorter…

Jan 162016

Scott Redding is just so HOT full stop! But of course, he’s even better wearing tight Lycra! 🙂

Dec 232015

Driving all the way from Castle Bytham in Lincolnshire, to Killearn in Scotland! A drive of just over 320 miles!

The route starts in Castle Bytham, then the A1, A66, M6, A74(M), some back roads, Glasgow and to Killearn in Scotland.

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