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Happy St. Valentine’s Day 2019!

Hey everyone! Hope you all, had a great St. Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, if you are single! My last name is Valentine and I am still single! LOL…

So, I had to make the most of being single and went out another cycle. Only did 26.42 miles, but still very happy with that one.

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2148904463

Valentine’s Day wetsuit cycle
Valentine’s Day wetsuit cycle

This guy loves Valentine’s Day t-shirt

For this years Valentine’s Day at work. We have been asked to wear something red or pink. No way, anyone would get me wearing pink. So I went on eBay and found this great t-shirt :). Oh and you may have noticed, I’ve had my cut hair!

This guy loves Valentine's Day t-shirt

Sunday – 14th February 2010

First of all happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Oh and did I get a single Valentine’s Day card of course, not!! Then that’s nothing new at all. Even when I was with my last BF I next to never got them. It would have been nice to have got at least one. Maybe next year then.

So then on to what I have been doing today, which is not that much at all really. After giving my End to End cycle website a big update last weekend. I made up my mind, to give another one of my website’s a big update. This time I updated Carmen Squillante’s website (website no longer on-line), she is a book author that I did a website for a good number of years ago. The main reason I updated the website and redid it with WordPress, is so she can now login and do updates herself.

Other than that I did not really do much at all today, other then watch four episodes of Party of Five, on CBS Drama on my Freesat+ HD box.

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