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UK TV programmes to watch this week : 16/07/2022

Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams (BBC 1/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Tuesday 19th July 2022)

The team are about to take on an elite private school and Freddie must galvanise his players to make sure they are ready for the match. However, a split in the ranks threatens the training sessions and Freddie must do all he can to bring them back together to take on their toughest challenge yet. To complicate matters, the coach also has to make sure their new cricket club is renovated and open for the start of the season. But has he fulfilled his wish to create a legacy for the team and local community?

Unvaccinated (BBC 2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:05pm | Wednesday 20th July 2022) ** PICK OF THE WEEK **

Professor Hannah Fry meets seven unvaccinated people to investigate why five million remain unprotected against Covid-19, and to find out if any of them will change their mind. Together, they meet leading experts, confront the latest science and statistics to emerge in the field, and dissect how misinformation spreads on social media.

All TV guide information taken from DigiGuide — www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=15119.

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