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Wednesday – 8th October 2003

I am so happy today. At 9:30am in the George Shopping Centre in Grantham. I had my third go at doing the car theory test and your never guess what. I passed it. Third time lucky. I got 34 out of 35 for the multiple-choice section. Meaning that I passed that section, by 4 marks.

I got 58 marks for the hazard perception section. You need 44 to pass it. Meaning that I passed it by 14 marks. So I am one very, very happy person. No only did I pass it, but I pass it with flying colours.

So now at long last I can get my practical driving test booked. I just hope that is does not take me three attempts to pass that as well.

Wednesday – 9th July 2003

In the morning I had my theory test. I failed it, but I was still, very, very happy about it. I got 33 in the multiple choice select, out off 35. Which I was more then pleased with, because you need 30 to pass it.

I failed on the hazard perception select of the test, which you need at least 42 points to pass, I got 35. So just wish me good luck of the next time, that I do the test. I will let you all know when I pass it.

I would of course like to say a bit thank you to Matthew for taking me to Grantham to sit the test in the first place.

When we got back from Grantham, I re-installed his laptop, because it keeps playing up. I just hope that I have fixed all the problems that he has been having with it, but only time will tell.

Matthew went home at about 3:00pm for a while to some studying. But he come back at 5:30pm to give me a give into work.

In the evening I was working at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. It made Saturday night, look like a very easy night. So many things went wrong you would not believe. I think that Ste (the guy who does the bar), was getting very stressed out. But he was not the only one.

I was so glad when the night was over. Just to think that I stopped drinking at the start of 2000. But tonight I just had to have two drinks, to help me calm down.