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Theo Bos looking HOT in Lycra skinsuit

I am sure that most of you will know, I have a thing for fit lads wearing Lycra. So here are some sexy photos of Theo Bos!

Theo Bos


Check out www.flickr.com/groups/theo-bos/ for even more great photos of Theo Bos.

Best ever photo of Theo Bos

I am sure that most you of will know that the Tour of Britain is on this week. So I was just looking around on flickr to see what photos I could find. Found this photo of Theo Bos. Think it’s the best photo I have ever found of him. Let’s just say it made me very, very happy indeed :).

Tour of Britain 2011: Stage 1 Peebles - Dumfries

Lots more photos of Theo Bos can be found at www.flickr.com/groups/theo-bos/.