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WOW! 4G is so fast!

WOW! I can’t get over just how fast 4G is in my village! I live in the middle of no where, well in a very small village! Funny that with EE you get 4G, but most other network’s that cover my village, you are lucky if you get 2G!

Before moving to 4G!


The speed, once I moved to 4G!!


That’s my villages new look website now LIVE!!

That’s my villages new look website now LIVE!! Which I did a bit about on my blog a number of days ago. Still got lots of pages to add from the old website. But it’s fast getting there. So please check it out www.thebythams.org.uk and let me know what you think of it here! πŸ™‚

The only another two other things I did today, was to do my weekly food shopping at Morrisons and give my car a much needed car. Think all I ended up doing was moving the mud off him and onto myself.

Website down time and other stuff…

Sorry about this website being off-line for a good 4 hours today, it was due to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack against the people that host this website. The down time started at around 11:50am to around 4:30pm GMT. Want to read about about this problem then check out status.34sp.com.

Now onto some other stuff. At long last, I sorted myself out another hard drive, so I can backup at all main files. I use to be very good at backing everything up, till I got so much stuff even copying it all on to DVDs was taken 2 long. So I got myself a Western Digital 250GB Passport Portable USB 2.0 hard drive, from dabs.com, which set me back Β£34.99. Spent lots of day backing up data. So far 23.2 GB (19,130Β  photos) and now doing all my SD videos, which is a 52.3 GB which is going to take a wee while…

Also and also starting to fun job of redoing another one of my website. Lucky this time it’s one that I run with a friend, so hello Mark. It’s about the village that we both live in. So old (still live) version of the website can be found at www.thebythams.org.uk and the new version (not live) we’re working on can be found at www.thebythams.org.uk/thebythams/.

Oh and big thank-you to everyone that’s said good things about this new look website so far :). Still got a lot to do, but it’s getting there πŸ™‚