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Great day out in London : 10/06/2014

I had great fun in London today with my older brother Douglas and his wife Lisa. Made a nice change to have someone with me! Meant I had people with me, that could take photos of me!

Myself in London

Photos from this and past visits to London can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/england/london/

Great day out in London : 10/04/2014

I had so much fun in London today! Here are some photos I took.

My favourite is the one of Tower Bridge. Here is what someone said about it on twitter “Who put that building there? It’s stopping the bridge from closing”. I had not even noticed that, till I read the comment! Would love to say I planned the photo, to come out like that. But no, it just sort of happened!

Oh and I have also tick off another three London Underground stations that I have used! I added Brixton, Clapham North and Monument to the list. The full list can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/travel/railways/uk-national-rail-network/.

The Shard
Tower Bridg
HMS Belfast

Photos from past London visits can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/england/london/.

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