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Been at Tesco a whole year!

WOW! Where does the time go? That’s me now been a Customer Delivery Driver at Tesco for whole year!

When I got made redundant from the Peterborough Greyhounds, at time I was very upset about it! Now looking back at, it’s was for the best!

Then worked at Morrisons in Peterborough for three months. Where I got use to driving the vans… Then they left me go, along with a number of others… But that give me time, to find out that I could do another job… And was loving it!

So when I got a job offer at Tesco doing the same thing… But which was way, way closer to home and got fixed hours each week. I could not say no!

Now a year later, still doing the same job! Doing at least 30 to 45 hours each week! And loving every minute of it!!