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Teen suicide fact sheet…

Here is another page from the old The Gay Glasgow site… This time about Teen suicide.

Of course this, could be out-of-date, since it’s not been updated since the late 90s…

Here are six facts about suicide

  • Studies show that Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian youth are at least 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.
  • In a study of 5,000 gay men and women – 35% of gay men and 38% of gay women had seriously considered or attempted suicide.
  • The majority of suicide attempts were made before reaching the age of 20, and nearly 33% of attempts were made before the age of 17. The average for attempting suicide is 15½.
  • In a study of homeless youth entering a shelter accommodation, 65% of the gay youth had attempted suicide as compared to 19% of the heterosexual youth.
  • In a study on all youth suicide attempts, it was found found that gay, bisexual and lesbian youth are six times more likely to attempt suicide than other youth and account for up to 30 percent of all successful youth suicides.
  • Studies consistently show that a high percentage of gay and lesbian youth (25-30%) attempt suicide.