Jun 042017

That’s me just done Strava Challenge! This time added the “Cancellara Gore 750”  to my Trophy Case!

Please do check out my profile @ www.strava.com/athletes/gsvalentine. Remember, if it’s not on Strava, it did not happen! FACT!!!!

Apr 162017

That’s me just climbed Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea. Even the bad weather did not stop us from having great fun! Oh and say hello my vlog guests James and Shaun!

Check out the route we took at www.strava.com/activities/944940040.

Jan 102017

That’s me not long back in from the first night time ride of 2017! It was only a short cycle of 9.1 miles. But since it was my second cycle of the day, takes me daily total to 22.89 miles. Which was the middle of winter, I am more than pleased with!

My goal this year, is to do at least 4,000 miles again! But of course, if I could do 5,000 miles, that would be even better!

Remember you can follow me on Strava @ www.strava.com/athletes/gsvalentine.101

Jan 072017

First cycle of 2017!That’s me just done the first cycle of 2017! I did 25.12 miles, with an average of 12.5 mph. Which I am more than pleased with! Just now, just have to hope I can keep that up! And get more many more in before the end of the month!

You can check out the route I took @ www.strava.com/activities/824110583.

To all my cycling mates, if it’s not on strava, your cycle did not happen!!

Dec 212016

WOW! Can’t believe that’s the last cycle of 2016 done! Can’t believe just how fast the year has gone! Only feels like yesterday is was 2006! Back to the cycle, I did 19.38 miles. Which takes my monthly total to 321.3 miles. Total for the year 4,583.8, which is 2,993.6 more miles that I did last year! Which shows just how bad 2015, was cycling wise!

You can check out the route of the cycle, along with stats @ www.strava.com/activities/808310380.

Aug 042016

That worked out being a good cycle! Even with how windy it was for the cycle! Set 6 new PRs on Strava, which I am very pleased with! Also did just over 40 miles, so of course, making it the longest cycle of the month so far!

You can check out the full route I took @ www.strava.com/activities/664364388.

Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team

Jul 302016

I had so much fun doing the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle. I did the very first back in 2013! But had not been again since now! I loved it! The weather could not have been better! Was great seeing so many other cyclists out! I be be for sure going again next year!

Here is a speeded for video of the cycle! I start the ride from King’s Cross station, then via various roads, before cycling down Oxford Street and Regent Street before meeting up with the FreeCycle route at Trafalgar Square.

You also check out the full route I took @ www.strava.com/activities/658601925.

Jul 222016

That’s me now done 603.8 miles of cycling this month!!!!!! Well pleased with that! But still got a long way, to go! Need to end this month on at least 777 miles! To get my “July Distance Challenge” trophy this month on Strava!

But at least, I got my “July Climbing Challenge” trophy, which means I’ve climbed over 8,000 meters!

Check out my trophy case so far @ www.strava.com/athletes/11925537/trophy-case

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014
Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014
Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014

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